About the guesthouse

U Kubesa

The initial idea of creating a guesthouse out of a 17th century building appeared 4 years ago.

Our experience in accommodation services, creative design and reducing energy intensity led us to taking this brave step and creating a new dimension of accommodation in the historical centre of Kromeriz.

Our priority was to get rid off all the smells that this very old house naturally had yet to preserve the elements that are bearing and characteristic for houses from this period (original staircase, green railings, tiles, windows, etc.).

Thanks to the overall reconstruction we managed to create a luxury 4* guesthouse with a touch of its rich history just like Kromeriz and its beauty..

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Environmentally friendly operation

Sustainability and operation that is envinromentally friendly is a challenge that we've been dealing with for many years. Thanks to our experience with running other hotels we are able to make the operation of the guesthouse as effective as possible and use all the resources to the maximum.

The entire guesthouse is equipped with intelligent system of heating, cooling, water heating and regulation. Thanks to this system your room will always be ready for your arrival so you can be sure to come to your room with the perfect temperature.

šetrný provoz

We are using

Cogeneration unit

It's a combined production of electricity and heat from gas

Regenerative unit

Air exchange and concurrent preheating of the air incoming – energy savings

Heat pumps

Heating, cooling, ventilation and dehumidification without an outdoor unit

Solar heating


Comfort comes first

4* of luxury for your comfort

During the reconstruction the main thing on our minds was your comfort and functionality of the space. The rooms are set in subtle and gentle tones to create a calm atmosphere that can help you with either focusing on work or just relaxing. Air conditioning that is always set individually according to your needs will keep the fresh air in and the room in the right temperature.

You can access the rooms either by the original ornate staircase or by elevator that provides wheelchair access.

Penzion U Kubesa - Adults only v Kroměříži hodnocení