The house has a really rich history. If it could speak it would definitely tell a lot of interesting stories even from the times the town itself was founded.

It used to be IV. category innkeeper’s house owned by craftsman Hans Řemenovský in 1612 (probably a strapmaker given by the name. Řemen in czech means strap and back then it was very common that people were named after what they were doing). After that Mates Švonc was the owner and right before the burning of the town by the Swedes Adam Kesler bought the house.

After general Torstenson’s troops destroyed the town furrier Martin Bíz bought the ruined house on 4th May 1650. After that the owners kept changing either after short or longer times - wigmaker F. Jarolím. Fr. Wolf, buyer Dominik Jeremiáš, cloth merchant Fr. Kristián Myslivec, bishop’s officer, miller and then baker František Stankovic. Then on 31st August 1821 for 3900 golds the house was bought by Ondřej Kubes born in 1800 in Kojetín. He founded his very famous ironmongery called “U zlatého rýlu”.

His 22nd descendant - son Karel (before he was born, Kubes had 21 daughters) continued in the family tradition. He was also very good businessman and numismatist - he was one of the founding members of czechoslovakian numismatic society.

The shop renamed to “Ironmongery U Kubesa” kept growing more and more until 1947 when Karel got the first hit - 185/47 law. It was a special single tax and tax from excessive increases in property. Kubes was supposed to pay 6 millions czechoslovakian crowns. He obviously didn’t have that much money so he started selling his numismatic collections. And then in 1948 the second and fatal hit came - nationalization.

Therefore we decided to keep the name Kubes in the title of the guesthouse with the belief that it will bear the business abilities and luck just like it did during the era of Kubes family.

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